Agricultural Sector

Agricultural Sector

  • Smart Startup Delay Preventers (Electronics)
  • Mobile operated Electronic starters (Electronics)
  • Motor Protection Device (Electronics)
  • Motor Panel (Electrical)
  • Electrical Pesticide Sprayers
RTITS Agri Automation Image

1. Smart Startup Delay Preventers (Electronics)

This startup delay preventers protects the motors (Submersible Or any other Monobloc’s) Which we mostly used agriculture fields. This may also helps to start motor when automatically when the power comes.
This saves time to farmers & no need to monitor the electricity.

2. Mobile operated Electronic starters (Electronics)

In this modern world everything is done by android mobile. As well as you ca operate your farm motors from anywhere with the help of our Mobile Operated Electronic Starter.

3. Motor Protection Device (Electronics)

According to present situations the electricity has a lot of fluctuations, there is an overload in the electricity lines. So it causes a heavy damages to the farm motor & panels. Our Motor Protection device is always monitor the electricity it saves the Motor & Panel from high or low voltage riskiness.

4. Motor Panel (Electrical)

The heart of the farm is Motor panel. We are the manufacturers of motor panels with all the equipment which was necessary to the field.

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